How do you save seconds in the financial market using cloud technology?

How do you save seconds in the financial market using cloud technology?
When it comes to making a transaction in the financial market, every millisecond counts, because from the time it takes to place the order until it reaches the market, the price can already change. It happens all the time, every day, every second. In order to reduce the time lag, and to increase the speed of response and data processing, the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms were developed.

Everywhere Accessibility

The MetaTrader information and trading complex is focused on margin trading. It appeared due to traders' demand for constant market analysis, possibility to manage their trades almost around the clock and have access to their personal settings. With the development of cloud technologies it became possible. The reliable platform solutions let both professionals and amateurs work in the financial and commodity markets online, and the platform has no limitations on dealing centers, bandwidth, or traffic. Everywhere and from any device, the trader has access to his/her own desktop with preset personal settings.

With the built-in MQL4 programming language you can program various trading strategies, signals and indicators, as well as create commands to close or open trades. In addition to the self-written tasks, there is an opportunity to use the platform's basic indicators, partially adjusting them to your needs.

Thus, the first and foremost advantage of MetaTrader is availability: you need to install the client trader's terminal on your computer and forget about time and interruptions, even if your computer is off, the data exchange will continue in the virtual environment.

Unlimited computing power

Cloud technology allows the complex to provide traders with unlimited resources: disk space, amount of RAM and CPU power. Because of this, data processing and decision-making is very fast, which is important when working in financial markets, because a normal computer can not withstand such a load. For example, a Hitachi supercomputer consisting of 64 nodes with 1TB of memory and the ability to perform 2 trillion operations per second was once needed to calculate pi. The same is true for trading on the financial market - a small price analysis can put a home PC into a state of anabiosis.

Thus, due to unlimited resources and enormous power of MetaTrader complex, each operation is processed in fractions of a second, i.e. transactions are performed almost instantly, therefore, trading becomes more reliable and profitable.

MATtech provides its clients with any cloud technology to open MAM accounts for MT4 and MT5 terminals.

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