How much does it cost to open an MT4/MT5 MAM account?

How much does it cost to open an MT4/MT5 MAM account with a broker? 500$ , 1000$ ? It all depends on the greed of the broker. What if we tell you that it costs 39$ to open a MAM account?

You will say - that's not true, and that will be your first mistake ! The cost of opening a MAM account with any broker is $39 for 5 sub accounts!

And what will be your answer if you are offered to open MAM account at a broker and attach the sub-accounts of different brokers to it?

You will say - it does not work that way, and that will be your second mistake! In MATtech system you can open a sub-account with any broker in the world and it costs $0!

They tell you that using trading robots in MAM accounts is forbidden? 

And you believe it? This is your third mistake! You can use any trading tools in master/sub accounts, regardless of whether they are forbidden or not! And it costs $0 again!

MATtech is the software package that answers the question: how does a trader make money?
How much MT4/MT5 MAM cost?

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