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API mt4 mt5 mam mat multi account manager


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OpenAPI is a complete framework for describing, creating, using, and visualizing web services. The goal is to allow client systems and documentation to synchronize their updates with changes on the servers.

This is achieved by integrating methods, parameters, models, and other elements through OpenAPI with the server software and keeping them in sync all the time.
API mt4 mt5 mam mat multi account manager


Innovates idea changing future

With OpenAPI you can use any trading robots, trading strategies and indicators compatible with Metatrader 4 / Metatrader 5.

You can quickly analyze price charts and trades in the automatic mode, taking into account all the special norms included in the algorithm.

You can connect additional strategies via API either for one account or for all accounts at once, using sub-accounts.

OpenAPI provides truly limitless possibilities for using third-party software for trading in the global financial markets.
API mt4 mt5 mam mat multi account manager



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